¿Qué buscas?


Are you going to travel to another region for a study stay? Are you planning a weekend getaway with your residence hall classmates to visit another city? How about staying at another residence hall?
The Spanish Council of Student Residence Halls has a network of 110 partner institutions in 17 different regions. Part of our mission is to contribute to creating a community among residence halls, and this Inter-halls Mobility Program is a good example of that.

What is the only step you have to take to qualify for this program?

Notify the principal of your residence hall so that they can contact us and we can process your application.

Of course! You must be clear about:

Number of students who want to participate in the mobility program (in case you are not traveling alone).

 Nights to be spent in the destination city.

If you or the students have a preference for a specific hall of residence.

Basic data (name; surname; identity document number; telephone number; e-mail address).


Only two:

Be enrolled as a student in one of the centers associated with The Spanish Council of Student Residence Halls.  

That the residence hall that will become your destination belongs to our network (you can check it through this link).

Some advantages…

It is an opportunity to meet classmates from different places and to be part of university life in another city.

You will be treated as if you were in your hall of residence.

It is an economical option: the cost of an overnight stay will be the same cost for students in the host hall of residence.

Anything else?

Yes, and this is very important. The possibility of staying in another residence hall depends on room availability. We at The Spanish Council of Student Residence Hallswill do our best to make this possible.